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Through the experience of life challenges, spiritual connectedness, meditation, Reiki training and life coach training,I am offering a synthesis of energy and coaching services. I am committed to offering a heartfelt and honest discussion into how to help you reach your highest and best self. I use active listening to not only your words but tone as well as body language to help you along this discovery process. I believe healing is within you and present at all times, sometimes we just need someone to show us the door to our true potential. I may use shamanic drumming, meditation training or simple coaching through talking about your goals and how to best reach them. I will soon be training toward a sound therapy certification and at which time will incorporate sound healing as part of my practice.

Fee- Sessions vary in length but typically are not shorter than an hour. Each session is $60.00.


Alex for information - alexander@rainwatercenter.org or call (802)233-0046

"Whatever you have in your mind - forget it;
Whatever you have in your hand - give it;
Whatever is to be your fate - face it!"

- Abu Sa'id (Essential Sufism)

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