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We are pleased to provide a space for anyone who wishes to post short stories, poetry or simply thoughts about your personal growth or spiritual awareness. This forum is for the truth as it exists in the minds, hearts and lives of our travelers and seekers, students and teachers.

Best wishes for our, as well as all the worlds children. May they seek and find peace, If only as a fleeting momentary blip at first but eventually... Love is the root of all; may they seek and be love

We need to teach them that no matter what, this too will pass. Enjoy the good times while they are here as nothing lasts forever.

Life is not a journey without disappointments, Sadness is a part of feeling and of being human Feeling shows depth of character, character is earned, Seek the light as darkness abounds

We are the painters of our lives, Choose well as each decision affects all of our futures, We are connected on levels we can barely comprehend.

Know thyself is not just a concept, it is what IT is, Without consciousness we get lost in the fog of existence.

Everyone makes mistakes, what we do to correct them makes or breaks us. Each experience is an opportunity to learn about ourselves, if we choose to.

Take help when necessary; return the favor as needed. Nobody’s perfect but it definitely helps to try. Trying involves a will to make a difference.

Strength comes from inside each of us. External forces and temptations are distractions from our true selves. Take care of mind, body and spirit to help fortify ourselves for our life’s journey.

Reach out and someone will lend a hand. We are never alone: Never
Be what you love and love what you be
Love and Peace always, Protect Everything
- Trishia Thompson 2/10/10


To be love
brings love,
only love
to life

To be love
attracts love
only love
to life.

- Satya


To find what you seek in the road of life,
the best proverb of all is that which says:
"Leave no stone unturned."
- Edward Bulwer Lytto

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